Simple & Effective Worm Composting on your Homestead with Marjory Wildcraft

http://backyardfoodproduction.com/ – While traveling in the North West I met Peter Paul who showed me the most amazing, and amazingly simple, idea for an out…


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  1. GrenadeChick99 says:

    Worm farms! More fun than the ant farms Milton Bradley marketed back in the
    day. Hands down!?

  2. kirstine curle says:

    *Here’s the Step-by-step instructions to build a low cost, highly
    productive worm farm or wormery to supply your garden with a year round
    supply of worm compost…*?

  3. Kennethe Miller says:

    Worms won’t freeze in that tub in the winter months??

  4. May Castro says:

    I really love watching this video. I have my compost bin with some earth
    worms, and i also get some worm juice on the bin, but mine is quite dark
    than what i saw on this video. Also, it gets a little wet under and
    sometimes with a foul smell. Does it need more carbon then??

  5. Bill Anderson says:

    Thanks Marjory!?

  6. David Decatur says:

    Dear Marjory, Thanks so much for this video I have one of these tanks I’ve
    used it for rain water off my sheds to feed may small green house and
    garden but after 10 years it stared to get small rust holes which I been
    patching well I finally got a new one made of plastic from tractor supply
    now I have a new use for my old tank. I had not thought of this thank you
    very much I will set it up today. Very pleased Dave Decatur?

  7. Dude says:

    I so need to get in to this! lol.. iMac here we come :-) Ha ha ah?

  8. Karen Lee says:

    Simple & Effective Worm Composting on your Homestead?

  9. Peter Weber says:

    Aspects of Landscaping?

  10. IdahoViewing says:

    Fetida is just the red wigglers. All the other worms you mention are
    different species with different requirements.

  11. magnumxlpi says:

    00:10 “he has a dog, his favorite color is green, he occasionally goes out
    to eat but only on fridays, and that’s when I go in and sniff his underwear”

  12. brandowhit says:

    Do you separate the worms from the compost when you go to use the compost?
    You don’t have to keep buying $100 of worms do you?

  13. Thesis125 says:

    u NEVER put meat in compost.

  14. Sig220Euro says:

    I was wondering the same. I’m guessing maybe the heat from the compost is
    enough to keep things warm or they hibernate?? But he did say he gets like
    30 gal of juice over the winter and it gets cold in the NW so guess they
    work on it all winter long?

  15. Paul Chalmus says:

    I love this. Will any nightcrawler do or is one type of worm better than
    another? What happens in the winter? Do the worm bin require special care?
    It seems that in nature worms are not that deep into the ground and they do
    ok? Is there a difference when you are raising them?

  16. freefunlovin1 says:

    You can only put meat in it if you are NOT going to use it for veggies or
    consumable goods!!!

  17. babylon gate says:

    in 3:50 I store it or give it to my friends or Drink it sometimes :D

  18. Former11BRAVO says:

    I’ve heard/read that as well. Same goes for meat products. I’m going to
    start worm beds under my -soon to be in existence- rabbit cages, too (an
    exception to the above ‘rule’ regarding animal waste), A trusted, gardener
    friend says rabbit pellets are as good a worm-food/compost as you can get.
    Most of his kitchen scraps go to his chickens, as do ours. The only other
    material he adds is some straw now and then, as I recall, although I think
    some leaves will be fine as well. Mmm…. compost!

  19. LifeBuzzN says:

    I have been composting for about 3 years, and have had zero benefit due to
    the chickens, coons and skunks just like the guy in the video. I’m going to
    set up a worm composting system right now. Thanks to you and your guest for
    the info.

  20. peelmeone says:

    Google “The Humanure Handbook”. It will explain a process where ALL organic
    wastes from the yard, garden, kitchen and bathroom can be safely composted,
    odor free, and used in the production of food. When SHTF, we cannot afford
    to waste ANY organic resources.

  21. nckrystalblue says:

    i use citris in my bins and it’s not a problem. also I’ve read no onions
    too but mine will crawl right to the center of one and be clustered like a
    nightclub. Moderation is key and balance with other materials.

  22. Richard Downer says:

    great video. thank you very much. I my self am getting ready to start my
    own worm bin. I am super interested in the worm water/ tea. for my garden.
    plus the great soil they make. I can’t wait to see the difference from
    natural to store bought chemical… again thanks for this video. very

  23. dance8615 says:

    Hello there! I’m interested in building a worm composting bin as shown in
    this video, but what about the compost bin going through the winter in
    Canada? What are your thoughts on winterizing the bin, or any suggestions
    on how to build it so we don’t lose the worms to the below freezing
    temperatures here? Thanks!

  24. Imacfix says:

    It is now becoming spring here in Central Oregon High Desert and I’m
    wondering how to use the “juice” from the worm bin. Is it to be diluted
    before use or used straight from the bucket? The winter cold (mostly below
    freezing nights) didn’t seem to slow the production of the “juice”. I
    recently had surgery and have not been able to turn the compost to see what
    is happening near the bottom of the bin, but I am impressed with the
    “juice” production. Thanks for sharing this video.

  25. Gilberto Cano says:

    I like this but I have a question: He does not use the actual compost
    inside that bin? I got the impression he only use the “worm tea”. Is a lot
    of work to separate the worms from the compost but isn’t that the idea? to
    use the “worm castings”?…Thanks

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