SM74 ~ No Time To Waste ~ 12″70 (UWR)

Non-TAS, Untied World Record. Merry day after Christmas everyone! XP Story behind this run: I wanted to do this star yesterday. So I did. I played for about …
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  1. SiIentSlayers says:

    @sonicpacker This can be better

  2. sonicpacker says:

    @TehWalruzz Havoc by DatsiK Havoc is an unfinished version of his song
    called “Retreat” but most people seem to prefer Havoc over Retreat.

  3. PokedroidTAS says:

    @FAKE SilentSlayers, Check ur channel it has no vids, the REAL
    SilentSlayers has real TAS vids.

  4. chavoiia says:


  5. Schrikvis says:


  6. LinkTetraWW says:

    Love that filth.

  7. elliletsplayer says:

    Love the song. Nice job, Jeremiah.

  8. Nahoc10 says:

    Finally someone skipped the ledge! *facepalm*

  9. Ensign Epic says:

    Wow dude. Non-TAS as well, amazing.

  10. sonicpacker says:

    @bzb95 It isn’t a TAS. Don’t bitch at me.

  11. Tomatobird8 says:

    nizniz :P thx

  12. Rukarioru says:

    O_o that’s fast lol nice route too =) btw what’s the song?

  13. Pryvate Pigeon says:

    You’re gettin lazy sir :] Do I need to comment every video asking for the
    song title again?? :]

  14. xxcurnuxx says:

    I didn’t know Mario learned Parkour.

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