Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars (lyrics)

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars. Lyrics included. Lyrics: We’ll do it all Everything On our own We don’t need Anything Or anyone If I lay here If I just lay here …


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  1. maddie parker says:

    Good? luck x

  2. Lucasu15 says:

    I remember when I used to have? top comment.

  3. YuGiOhPlayerGameFreak says:

    Thanks.. That means a lot =)?

  4. titanic98810 says:

    *sways along? to the music*

  5. Wowpow2300 says:

    This is such a AWESOME, and meaningful song that I had to quote? some of the lyrics onto a card I am gonna give mah crush during a Halloween Party tomorrow. I hope I can get good luck.

  6. Flower Child says:

    Go? to rainymood,com and play this song it’s beautiful!

  7. chiimachar says:


  8. chiimachar says:

    really moving? fucking song

  9. hillbillybanjoband says:

    my wedding song….? never fails to make me smile xxx

  10. CariagaXIII says:

    feels for? everyone…………
    ?? ? ?? ? ??

  11. Jennifer Ward says:

    i love this song! its so great to listen to no matter what mood you are in it always? makes me smile!!!!!!!!

  12. Jasmine Mcalister says:

    this song makes me cry…its mine and my ex song we dated 7 diffrent times cuz we broke it off the last time because of distance….i really miss him so freaking much i would kill to be with him another time. but stuff happens for a reson……..i love you where? ever you are <3 if i hadnt moved we would still be together....when i move back youll already be in texas......ill miss you babe....great now im crying.......

  13. titanic98810 says:

    This song is BEAUTIFUL. It takes me back? to the times when people weren’t all that mean to me, and when it was always about having fun with my best friend…

  14. YuGiOhPlayerGameFreak says:

    Thanks =)?

  15. XTXxXxX says:

    Hoi Jari

  16. Heather Pearson says:

    God bless you. I know what its like to lose someone in that way. Their in a? better place. :)

  17. kym ford says:

    if I? lay here if I just lay here…………

  18. joemarsden68 says:

    Grey’s Anatomy <3?

  19. Tina Mala says:

    This is? real music.

  20. Charlie Hindes says:

    811 people liked the? screen upside down…silly people

  21. RavenHeartMC says:

    Snow Patrol doesn’t have haters, they just have fans in denial, so apparently 810 people who have watched this are those types? of people. Simplez

  22. Sefernator2234 says:

    Replay, replay, replay?

  23. Michael Macauley says:

    We should chase them with? cars.

  24. Lord ofAwesome says:

    Yeah the worlds a screwed up place I learned? this when i was 10 , The jerk gets the girl if you know what i mean :,(

  25. SeeYouInParis says:

    Hey Leute,
    ein Freund und ich? machen zusammen Musik, welche in Richtung Minimal (the XX) geht.
    Alle Instrumente spielen wir selber! Wär schön wenn ihr euch die Zeit nehmen könnt, mal? in unseren Kanal reinhört und eure Meinung abgebt.? Vielen Dank!

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