So Wrong – ZOO (Zoology Album)

ZOO – Live Gig! Brads Bistro, Olongapo City, Philippines June 20, 2007 One of the songs in their first album ZOOLOGY! Now available in all leading record sto…


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  1. Ed J.O says:

    i’ll definitely ask my sis to buy and send one for me…his voice is kinda’
    addictive..mabuhay ka! at ang boung banda!

  2. qforvanne27 says:

    ya ate debs.. so wrong.. sad ng lyrics pero super ganda.. i heard AP would
    do a rearrangement of this together with zoo.. maganda na nga ang song,
    lalo na pag improved pa! .. nwei, im watching vids from red rocks and other
    venues i missed watching..hehe.,

  3. zoobandrocks says:

    you may buy the album at fliptunes . net

  4. deemoneyez says:

    HEHEHE Terminator WTF!!!

  5. josahrobles says:

    yup me too…

  6. rlf4403tube says:

    This is a beautiful song too!

  7. John Gilbert says:

    The ‘Zoology’ album that is. I would very much love to have it.

  8. josahrobles says:

    this song is one of my favorites in the album…i just loved it…

  9. John Gilbert says:

    Does anyone know how I can get their album?

  10. xScorpio870x says:

    Got their CD in exchange to revelation CDs I sent to the Phils. for my
    sisters. Arnel wrote this song. I stopped listening to Journey for a week
    when I got this. It’s really good!!!!

  11. egangzter says:

    how can i get the lyrics of this song??wherecan i find it..??plz help me..i
    want to know this sing ol about..

  12. winyanwinyan says:

    i have the tickets for journey concert na weehee… cnt wait to hear him
    sin live

  13. dralq says:


  14. lkl8 says:

    I love the songs he writes.

  15. bakeetba says:

    hi! i wanna watch the show; where can i get tickets please.thanx

  16. Bro. Rey Tan says:

    AP is really the best!! he’s so soooo much goooddd!!love yah AP..

  17. nursekeni says:

    Youy’ll find the lyrics on the Zoology CD. It is my #1 favorite song in the
    album. Love IT!!! Love AP Forever!!!

  18. lkl8 says:

    Do you have an idea of how much the shipping is to the USA?

  19. argenrock7 says:

    song sounds very nice

  20. ranjorandz says:

    it’s nice to see the band playing their own creation…so proud of you
    guys…songs in the album are all certified hit …congratulations to all
    of you guys.

  21. egangzter says:

    how can i get -a1 copy??song hits..

  22. lkl8 says:

    Is Monet the guy with red hair and the sun glasses on Arnel’s right?

  23. zoofan1 says:

    congratulations to Zoo, great song, i whis the best

  24. John Gilbert says:

    Hey ‘The Zoo’ members if you see this message maybe you can tell me how to
    get a copy of your album ‘The Zoology’. I would pay for a CD-R! Thanks.

  25. diosa may brady says:

    love it very much great song sang by a very ultimate singer … your reaaly
    my idol arnel continue singing great songs pls .. coz its helpin me to
    relax my damn life

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