Spinning up Kingfish in Botany Bay

Well… We were at the first runway, spinning up Yellowtail King Fish with a Maria Stick Bait; it took about a 2 minute fight (very quick). Thanks for watchi…


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  1. eleanorgonein60sex says:

    Nice fish Cuzz !!!?

  2. George Valanidas says:

    oops the? opposite way around, 40lbs leader 20lbs main sorry :P

  3. George Valanidas says:

    6 inch Maria stick-bait on a Ugly Stick? 4-8kg, 20lbs leader w/ 40lbs braid

  4. hexoonable says:

    what gear were you? using mate??

  5. flickinlures says:

    Well done mate that was? a great hit and caught on film just what i need a couple of budding cameramen on board

  6. YoufishingTV says:

    That’s not the 3rd runway btw :)
    But Top fish all? the same. Congrats.

  7. vCoDvKiiNgv says:

    elinas eine

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