Spongebob soundtrack – Botany Bay C

Spongebob production music.


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  1. Flapswitch13 says:

    Also played when spongebob cant laugh and mr KRABS tells him to look at the

  2. Flapswitch13 says:

    Pretty nice

  3. Newwaver2007 says:

    This is great :) Thanks for the upload

  4. CrashJakFan1994 says:

    “The Seaweed with two leaves on it” “Uh, that seaweed only has” **Mr. Krabs
    removes third leaf**

  5. nummydoughnuts says:


  6. LSA2013 says:

    it’s just a plastic treasure chest (with 2 nice bumps) Plastic!!!!

  7. sam brown says:

    @rammice The accordion, it does that. Most instrument noise start big and
    fade out, whereas an accordion tends to do the opposite

  8. MasterMario548 says:

    Do you have Botany Bay 1?

  9. Mackenzie Fuller says:

    “East? I thought you meant Weast!” “Weast? What kind of compass are you
    reading, lad?” “This one, sir.” “That’s West, Patrick. You’re fired again.”

  10. TheMagicOfNutella says:

    I once knew someone who lived weest of me.

  11. SF-Productions says:

    @startug Oh, alright then. My bad. Sorry, I’m so use to getting bashed on

  12. Startug says:

    @Sunshinethefox Eh, I’ve been through that moment before! :D

  13. Yoshi54945 says:

    “East? I thought you meant Weast!” “That’s West, Patrick. You’re fired

  14. cleod994 says:

    ye :D

  15. LogoAttitude says:

    This sounds like SNES music

  16. daniethehedgehog40 says:

    Botany Bay C is the sad slow version This version is B

  17. Omegamanjr says:

    Is Botany Bay 1 the slow, sad one it plays while spongebob is going back to
    Bikini Bottom in the episode: Spongebob Naturepants?

  18. metroidfannumber1 says:

    does anyone know the one where patrick was trying to catch spongebob like a

  19. SF-Productions says:

    @startug That’s what it said on the CD file. Botany Bay 2…

  20. rammice says:

    Why does it almost sound like it’s reversed?

  21. Lucariogamer14 says:

    Why you say that? Wind Waker?

  22. Startug says:

    @Sunshinethefox I didn’t say that it was your fault, and if I did by
    mistake, sorry about that.

  23. Matthew Schnorr says:


  24. goodster2010 says:

    @Sunshinethefox Can you please tell me the name of the cd?

  25. BenGoldmanRulzzz says:

    Spongebob: But Mr. Krabs that tree has 3… *pulls leaf off*

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