Spray for blight / Bees in winter / Lawn clippings / Compost / Work With Nature Q&A

WEBSITE: http://heirloomseedsaving.com/ This is a question and answer video. Answering questions, some of the viewers have had of late, in more detail. Video…
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  1. Meghan Craig says:

    Good recipe for blight spray, bees over winter and a few other tidbits of

  2. Elfriede Eduardt says:

    Can you link the videos that you are talking about?

  3. Work With Nature says:

    Good idea :) I will set up some annotations now ;) David.

  4. Richard Griffin says:

    the blight spray does it work when the potatoes already have blight or is
    it prevention only like bordeax mixture?

  5. Work With Nature says:

    Hi Meghan. Thanks for sharing this video with your gardening friends.
    That’s nice of you ;) David.

  6. beewizerm8 says:

    Great video, really informative and inspiring. Thanks!

  7. Praxxus55712 says:

    I really like the way you added small clips of things you’re talking about.
    Very well done and it also helps with referencing. :)

  8. TheBhannah says:

    your videos are great,you have a very friendly and personable style with
    great information

  9. th3400ded says:

    cool thanks!

  10. Work With Nature says:

    No with bumblebees you would need a different kind of home. There is only
    50 or so per colony. I will make a video on that soon ;) David.

  11. wumpi dumpi says:

    Happy easter, dear David, I will try to use your spray for this rose which
    suffered last summer from a kind of fungi. We┬┤ve got more snow in Germany
    yet – hope Irish weather is better for starting the garden-season. My
    Camelito and I are hungry for sunshine now!

  12. Work With Nature says:

    Hey happy easter :) Wow still snow, but it is mad here too with cold and
    strong winds. The weather is really changing and it is hard to go by the
    sowing charts these days. I am holding of too. Waiting till it all blows
    over, Can’t wait to start though. Have a great weekend. D

  13. Work With Nature says:

    My pleasure. Thanks :) David.

  14. Work With Nature says:

    Hey thanks :) Nice to have the feedback ;) David.

  15. Work With Nature says:

    That was a really good way of putting it :) Thanks Silvermoonacres.

  16. Stephanie Dutton says:

    Thank you! I I am going to make some of this spray for the spring .

  17. amorfini498 says:

    I think you should carry on with these Q and A videos. Great videos by the

  18. Work With Nature says:

    By the way I made another video to answer your question. Should be up by
    tomorrow. Best wishes David.

  19. Silvermoonacres says:

    I think the idea of a video response is excellent.. Not only is it more
    personable, but you get to actually see for yourself what the problem is
    that is being asked about..

  20. th3400ded says:

    Would that also work for bumblebees?

  21. SusanRotvik says:

    Excellent! Directly answered my question too on compost for our veggies…
    To answer your question-: YES! Please keep these vids coming… I have
    learned so much watching your vids this last year or so… Thank you David
    for these and all you do to share your wealth of knowledge!

  22. eineohrfeige says:

    You are a wealth of knowledge, David. Thank you.

  23. Work With Nature says:

    Hey Ray thanks for that appreciate it. We must do some kind of small video
    thing together some day. David.

  24. MrMac5150 says:

    Good one David.

  25. Meghan Craig says:

    Thank you, some great information. I have shared with a few gardening

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