SUNY-ESF / Geothermal Heating

SUNY-ESF Going Green: Geothermal Heating – Welcome to the world of geothermal heating and cooling for your home. This unit doesn’t look much different from t…
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    Our mistake. Writing/editing short segments like Going Green can be a challenge.

    As you clearly know, “starts? at 55” refers to the source temperature of the liquid brought into the house from 8′ below the surface. The geothermal system includes a compressor that raises the temperature to that needed for a comfortable home. The outside air temp. is pretty much irrelevant, except as it affects heat loss from the structure as a whole.

    Thanks for calling this to our attention.

  2. dennisthemenaceru says:

    “in the winter below 0 outside, inside starts at 55 deg”. ?? what? ?? get the crap right before u post something

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