Supercharging my raised beds!

Millions of tiny garden helpers! They really do have a talent for turning waste veggies into poo. That’s some talent huh? Well I decided to set my vegan army…
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  1. oakland002 says:

    I know that’s a great prize.. But worms give me the willy … I don’t mind
    using it, but ugh ..

  2. Aviatorgreen says:

    On your pineapple plant, did you use an apple core or something to help it
    grow the pineapple?

  3. twbigdogsgirl says:

    Wow. I could sure use that! :)

  4. Praxxus55712 says:

    I bought it on Amazon from a private seller who had a used one for sale.
    I’ve never made one from stuff around the house but there are many youtube
    videos showing this procedure.

  5. VoodooGarden says:

    Unfortunately it’s way too big for me to afford shipping internationally.

  6. Glider5858 says:

    I could use that just have to figure out how it works

  7. tblbaby says:

    nice lol

  8. VoodooGarden says:

    Holy crap racemixer!!! Long time no see! :)

  9. kwyatt1000 says:

    My husband got mine from Uncle Jim’s as an anniversary present. They were
    in great shape and perfectly packaged! He’s so romantic. :-)

  10. FishingNinja1 says:


  11. rankindragon says:

    Ok, the worm sludge is making me rethink the whole worm bin idea. I would
    be afraid those worms would eventually drown. Do you think it was just
    because the newspaper was on the bottom and the water couldn’t drain or is
    that just the way it works?

  12. ertyderty7 says:

    Hey ray, where did you get the worms from? I would like to obtain some, I
    found a few sites but maybe you know a better one then what I’ve found.

  13. VoodooGarden says:

    I think it’s because I assumed they wouldn’t eat the newspaper that lined
    the bottom. I would use a cloth next time to ensure they stay put.

  14. inception2000 says:

    Cant wait for the contest…would be great since i live in a mobile home
    park…lol i just throw my scraps in a box outside for now….so not too
    much compost. The park gets mad if you pile things up…lol

  15. Lee Ann Steinmetz says:

    I had a compost heap in a garbage can and the worms just moved right in! I
    couldn’t believe my luck. Thing is, I didn’t know how to maintain the
    compost can, but the darn thing survived!. I think I may start a new one,
    but with the kind of set-up you have, because now I live in an apartment.

  16. MajorRager76 says:

    Amanda check out thecompostguy here on YT hes up in Canada and sells worms
    but in a short answer is no about restocking even if the worms themselves
    die they reproduce so fast and have tons of eggs so yes they slow down in
    winter but even a small bin system in a garage they should be fine just
    with some dry bedding as insulation.

  17. Maria Busse says:


  18. Brandon Peters says:

    Can’t wait for the contest

  19. theracemixer says:

    I’ve been watching your videos but i don’t comment because i’m a looser
    since i fail with my tomato project and just as i was about to start
    another one i moved out. But i’ve learned how to make a
    compost,casting,fertilizer,compost tea,soil type. Maybe in the future i may
    use what i learned into practice.

  20. Getting There Green says:

    one of your other viewers pointed out that red wrigglers won’t live through
    the winter in colder climates like Minnesota (so I would guess that also
    applies to most of Canada). so us colder climate people would have to
    either bring them in for the winter or restock every spring? I never
    bothered buying worms because I’ve always had a great supply of worms in my
    yard anyway. but the more the merrier LOL I have mildly considered buying
    worms and just tossing them into the compost ~Amanda

  21. OVshyguy says:

    i was wondering when you were going to make a vid on your worms!

  22. MerryJ3000 says:

    OMG i want that bed so bad! you dont know how bad I want that bed!!!

  23. rankindragon says:

    Ok good, I don’t want to kill many worms..Just trying to keep down the bad
    karma. I have enough as it is! :)

  24. m081779 says:

    I would love to have one of those. Can’t wait for the contest!

  25. Jennifer Jones says:


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