Syracuse Nationals 2008 Parade of Cars

Cars parading along Onondaga Lake Parkway in Liverpool, NY to begin the weekend festivities.


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  1. midnitesquirldog says:

    saturday there was a wedding we had to go to so i drove my buick up and
    down a few times in the front of the fair before i had to go to the wedding
    and everyone stoped and looked like wow thats a sweet ride it feels so good
    but next year i realy will be there with my brother ….

  2. miccinelli1 says:

    It should be exciting. I’m looking forward to it as well … and, I’ll keep
    an eye out for your car.

  3. prostood says:

    Awesome Video Awesome Cars Especially the Prostreet Hot Rod about 5 minutes
    in :)

  4. christmastreeorange says:

    Ya but it is still a lot of fun, we all cruise down I-81 from Ontario in a
    big group and that is a blast. They sure take quite a look at us at the
    border when we cross. Its just fun getting together with thousands of motor
    heads and talking shop. Looking forward to 2009! Bringing down my 67
    Cutlass 572 :)

  5. miccinelli1 says:

    Cool … I’ll be looking for them.

  6. miccinelli1 says:

    You’re absolutely right about that. Really sucks.

  7. midnitesquirldog says:

    my 72 buick skylark will be there this year so will my brothers 72 cutlass
    supreme with a 455 600 hp i cant wait………

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