The Interview – Raymond Tanter, Visiting professor of political science at Georgetown University

This week, President Barack Obama is visiting Israel and the Palestinian Territories. One of the main issues on the table will be the Iranian nuclear program…
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  1. bstbody says:

    Professor Raymond Tanter , you were paid money by MEK operations from UK at
    least … and it is not a stroy , but a police matter as you are a criminal
    and part of organised crime of money laundering and other crimes ….

  2. bstbody says:

    Professor Raymond Tanter has respect , when he says Iran wants to nuke
    Israil , people do not permit own brain tell them such is impossible . If
    Iran ever did such ,Iran be totally wiped by US, UK, France, NATO , Canada,
    Australia and no one in world support Iran . People with names and tiles
    are contracted to make most stupid statement , to make it look true.
    Professor Tanter is supported by Mujahedin E Khalq which register Charities
    staged as Humanitarian entities . He’s scum.

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