The Machine That Creates Everything

What if….it could? Hmmm. We have a little fun with our Monster grinders.
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  1. salamander dork says:

    I pity at what they r doing :(

  2. Ryan Sayre says:

    Why would you waste so many Fruits and vegetables??

  3. Linds Dee says:

    ITS BACKWARDS! Search up the video “the machine that destroys everything”?

  4. hmoobtube says:

    That’s so cool. If they played this backwards, it would look like a machine
    that destroys things. ?

  5. i CandyAddictt says:

    It’s just a video being recorded and played backwards?

  6. Martz W says:


  7. Junkboy888 says:

    Best one ever. :) ?

  8. Mon Dagounet says:


  9. Dylan Post says:

    The scary thing is, everything can fly out of the machine.

  10. umar ery says:

    Can we off the machine?

  11. octomonkey08 says:

    This video is about destroying stuff in reverse as in they reversed their

  12. GTechno13 says:

    What is that sound at 1:12? (1:09)

  13. ZAZZIER says:


  14. Cheloideman says:

    No, shredding videos are normal creating videos backwards.

  15. Ahmed Elhajjaoui says:

    How To Buy This Machine I’m from Morocco and I need it

  16. Ahmed Elhajjaoui says:

    If you have any agent in China please I need here address Thank you so much

  17. Gunner193 says:

    What is this thing you call thermodynamics again?

  18. alexe0807 says:

    For a sec u got me trusted on that “Prototype”

  19. VORARATH200 says:

    sheesh you’re the stupid one here, getting butthurt for no reason

  20. William Shelleen says:

    it’s just a normal shredding video put in reverse

  21. storerestore says:

    Why don’t you prove that it is only rewind, fool?!

  22. MrKaiGaming says:

    Omg shut up about not having enough animals in this world all u vegetarians
    this machine makes them

  23. Mustafa Karaca says:

    creates ? only rewind video stupid

  24. jimyjam kirkham says:


  25. wpecks says:

    Make them weekly

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