The Science of Ageing, by Professor Linda Partridge (full lecture)

Academy of Medical Sciences Sackler Lecture 2012, given by Professor Linda Partridge on the science of ageing at the University of Cambridge. Watch an interv…


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  1. acmedsci says:

    We can’t post links here, but you can find out more about the research
    carried out by Professor Partridge and her lab group, including a full list
    of her publications, by searching for her page on the UCL website. The
    example you mentioned may be taken from this paper from Science: Science 10
    July 2009: Vol. 325 no. 5937 pp. 201-204 DOI: 10.1126/science.1173635

  2. nils119 says:

    in calorie restriction on monkeys, have the monkeys been regularly
    exercising? I’m wondering, since I’ve read that a full diet combined with a
    lack of movement actually results in atrophy (yes, that’s unexpected).
    Meaning, if you don’t work out and want to gain muscle, you’d better
    restrict your intake to one degree or another.

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