The Time You Have (In JellyBeans)

How much time we have in jellybeans. Share on FB :: http://on.fb.me/1aIJcmq (U can add a note) Tweet This :: http://bit.ly/11ZGj9V (U can change the tweet) m…
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  1. jonhalda says:

    Just a different point of view I saw in Reddit.
    “Live every day like its your last” Seriously, that is complete and utter
    bullshit. I understand the sentiment, but society would completely collapse
    if everyone did this. Think I would go to work if it was my last day? Or
    save for my future? Not a chance. I could probably survive for about 2
    weeks living every day like my last, before I was homeless and looking for

    With this said I think a better phrase would be “Make the most of every

  2. AlchemistCori says:

    If it came down to a single day, I would sign up to donate my organs for
    someone who needs them. You don’t need organs when you are dead. ?

  3. ping99811 says:

    I love your voice c:?

  4. Lynn Pereira says:

    Make it count – life is the greatest gift given to us! ?

  5. Josh Saunders says:

    so depressing real free time is only 2740 days in your life..

    however there is a solution..

    only eat non prepared food (eg fruit raw vegetables) gain 1635 days
    dont work + 3202 days
    dont commute cause you dont work + 1099 days
    dont watch tv + 2676 days
    dont do chores + 1576 days
    dont groom yourself + 671 days

    sounds silly but its possible. especially the dont watch tv thing.. I
    havent watched tv in over 10 years now.?

  6. nuri gaudencio says:

    Fuck it eat all the jelly beans!!!!!!?

  7. Beth Townsend says:

    Well, fuck.?

  8. imthescatguy says:

    existential crisis helpmehelpmehelpmeplease?

  9. OriginalQuality says:

    If this isnt one of the most inspirational videos ive ever seen, then I
    dont know what is. ?

  10. hioeo says:

    wonder what he did with all those jellybeans. probably gave it to ronald

  11. Vine Voice Overs says:

    “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what
    others can’t.”?

  12. jeremyquach says:

    Get morgan Freeman to narate this.?

  13. Beth Foster says:

    Absolutely love this.?

  14. TheScienceOfChic says:

    Well, today I’m going to resolve to fart my lungs all over death when he
    tries to decrease my jellybean stash… because that is how a sea cucumber
    enthusiast do. ?

  15. Thane Durant says:

    I’ll play my saxophones for 10,000 days in total.?

  16. AximusNetwork says:

    every day you should make sure to laugh and try to make someone else laugh.
    If you do this then there is no possible way you have wasted any days :)?

  17. CassidyHope says:

    I’m glad this was made. ?

  18. Nadia P says:

    i love his voice?

  19. Eyaura Eya says:

    I use each day to sober up and make sure I never come back to another trek
    through the valley of the shadow of death.

    I suggest you spend every waking minute you have in this hellish reality
    built on death and decay to try to overcome your addiction to forms.

    What you believe matters not. Fact is existence here in this matrix is
    extremely painful and a dead end. There is no future. There is no final
    solution or resolution. Someone will always be in control, someone will
    always take advantage, someone will always have to clean the toilets and no
    one will want to.

    Nothing will make you happy. If you could you would devour the entire world
    and still you would feel empty.

    Stop sugar coating things.

    Technology will be a disaster, aliens, if they do come out in the open are
    just as lost as we are so don’t expect anything from them.

    Religions are dying so that avenue of salvation is fast disappearing.

    The Goddess of Commerce and Father Time are cruel parents.

    Everything and everyone in this reality construct will die very soon
    actually. The entire universe is but a giant death trap. But you are not
    flesh- start with that. You have been programmed to think you are so try to
    overcome that. You have been beaten into submission, made to act as
    animals. But you are not that.

    Waste not your time hating the ones who have reduced you to this. They are
    lost and confused just like you.

    Save yourself innumerable aeons of unnecessary pain and suffering by going
    within and waking up to who you really are.

    What are your other options? Return for a another round of death lessons?
    It starts out fun maybe but quickly it always turns into Hell. Everyone
    around you slowly decaying and withering away into nothingness and then
    finally you are destroyed and cast aside too.

    Over and over again and again… all the places and faces you get attached
    to… all taken away by time, destroyed, ground up and spat out in another
    form someplace else… Existence hurts terribly and the modern priests in
    their laboratories and offices have nothing for you but pathetic, failing
    coping mechanisms.

    You cry where no one sees you.

    You are back again, living it up… hoping this time the ordeal will end
    differently. Your last hope is science. Maybe the labcoats will make you
    live forever, they’ll figure it out for you. They won’t. They will fail you.

    Are you having fun yet? What are you trying to accomplish? Why are you
    being a witness to death and decay? What did it get you?

    All dust.

    Rocks are but slow moving clouds.?

  20. videogameplyr1234 says:

    I wonder how many days us men spend fapping…?

  21. ACfiz says:

    Lifes shit, then you die?

  22. ihitpro says:

    well…. life sucks…… just like jellybeans?

  23. Coughing_Colours says:

    deep feels guess more tim for sexy tim?

  24. samuel alcala says:


  25. Angel G. says:

    Very inspiring.

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