The Veritas Forum at UMich – Does Science Need God? An Oxford Professor says, “Yes”.

http://www.veritas.org/umich – Join us at The Veritas Forum at the University of Michigan on November 14 as Oxford scholar John Lennox explores questions of …
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  1. Benjamin Foster says:

    He lost and people need to see his “brilliance” up close. This debate is
    one way they can see who they are really following.

  2. iesukirisuto32 says:

    lol are you kidding? Even atheists admit Hitchens lost to Craig.

  3. iesukirisuto32 says:

    Lennox demolished Hitchens in both of their debates.

  4. TheRyuzaki3 says:

    Test comment

  5. Yesica1993 says:

    Which is false and impossible, since the video doesn’t exist yet because
    the event hasn’t happened yet.

  6. Ian Sisoev says:


  7. BC says:

    no…it isn’t…

  8. Benjamin Foster says:

    Hitchens debate with William Lane Craig is an excellent example of the
    brilliance of Hitchens. Must watch!

  9. JohnQPublic11 says:

    Only pitifully uneducated ignoramuses are blind to the fact that science as
    we know it today is the direct inarguable result of Christianity’s
    centuries long obsession and dedication to funding, building and manning
    schools, colleges and universities in every city of the western world as an
    unquenchable desire to explore and examine and understand the wonder and
    miracle of GODs creation. Absent Christianity science would still be akin
    to nothing more that alchemy and witchcraft.

  10. Doug Roberts says:

    I look forward to listening to professor Lennox. Reason is beauty.
    Conversation is noble.

  11. Troy Johnston says:

    Now that Christopher had died, there’s no reason to watch The Veritas Forum
    anymore. We all miss you greatly Chris. RIP

  12. Troy Johnston says:

    I am so glad I can be the first to say that this video is an enormous piece
    of cr@p. Watch Christopher Hitchens and be awed.

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