The Wolfe Tones – Botany Bay

From their album Irish to the Core.


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  1. kaz1967kh says:

    What a song TAL?

  2. Erin Logan says:

    Love this song? TAL

  3. hugobos1 says:

    I think every one assumes its Irish because the album is called ‘Irish to the? core”

  4. 135wish says:

    I’m really loving how since it is a folk song? everyone is assuming it is Irish. However, it was written in England in the mid 1800s and it is about a bricklayer giving up his job and voluntarily emigrating, not about a labourer getting deported due to committing a crime. I know most people on youtube aren’t exactly savants but even a basic bit of googling or a short look at wikipedia would help most of you out a lot better than hearsay.

  5. grimnar1985 says:

    The Shores of Botany Bay……. Classic song. Its about a bricklayer who is sick of the working conditions in old Ireland, decides to emigrate to Australia (Botany Bay) on ‘the good ship Ragamuffin’ to try his luck on the rich alluvial goldfields.

    For those? who don’t know what a ‘navvy’ is, its a term used to describe the manual labourers working on major civil engineering projects in the UK.

  6. Cfizzle666 says:

    Make’s? me proud

  7. TheStevo345 says:

    its a great song of how we can go anywhere….ur not gonna pay me, we’ll fuck u so, i’m headin for australia, irish? to the core :)…

  8. TheStevo345 says:

    its a great song of how we can go anywhere….ur not? gonna pay me, we’ll fuck u so, i’m headin for australia, irish to the core :)…

  9. peterdcarter1 says:

    And English?

  10. Danny Kelliher says:

    it is about a man who attacked his boss and so was? deported. common sentence for irish people who commited crime.

  11. Owen Nugent says:

    bunch of retards, the lot of yez

  12. ail dob says:

    about? a bricklayer getting fired in Ireland and emigrating to Oz to work

  13. peterdcarter1 says:

    It’s about navvies going to work in Australia. Where they were employed by the British Empire. They were not forced. It’s fashionable for you American’s who have drunk a pint of porter to once to enjoy the cache of the the Irish victim, but if you used your ears and the brain in that thick skull you have you may hear the truth. But I guess that just would not fit in with your world view would it. ?

  14. CrawdaddyJoe says:

    Actually, this one’s about voluntarily emigration. The song is from the perspective? of a navvy going to Australia.

  15. WeedStar94 says:

    learn your history before you start throwing? comments about you thick fuckin cunt

  16. James Moloney says:

    Where do you think all the white people? in Australia came from?

  17. WeedStar94 says:

    so why does it say “ill go? and look for gold, theres plenty there for diggin ” tool ;)

  18. Wendy O'Keeffe says:

    you sound like a real Einstein?

  19. Cenamark2 says:

    Its about an Irish? man heading to Botany Bay.

  20. 1doyoureadme says:

    amazing? tune :D

  21. bobsta33 says:

    shut up ya fukin spaz its about irish immigrants movin to? bottnay bay

  22. damodame1 says:

    I’ve never understood why this song is always sung in an Irish accent. I thought it was? an Aussie folk song. Although it does sound good in the Irish accent.

  23. WeedStar94 says:

    best song? ae the album
    P I P I P I R A

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