The Wooden Lacrosse Stick Expo with Stylin Strings Lacrosse

The wooden lacrosse stick expo takes place in New York State on the Onondaga River. What an event! For a stick maker like myself, I have to say that this was…
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  1. eric searle says:

    its Onondaga Lake

  2. GaLaxer says:

    how much do they cost for field sticks I can’t find a price on the website

  3. Apachekid says:

    Mohawkintlacrosse. com

  4. GaLaxer says:

    can someone please tell me where I can get one of these woodies I am a
    native but down in Georgia lacrosse is tiny and no places to get a wooden
    stick some one please help me

  5. Onondaga Historical Association Onondaga Historical Association says:

    Onondaga Historical Association has them. call 315 428-1864 ext. 321,
    they’re $20.

  6. Apachekid says:

    I want a wooden stick expo hat

  7. John Doe says:

    how much does alf charge a stick and how much does jack charge?

  8. Stylin Strings says:

    Customize your message?

  9. TJ McNeil says:


  10. MichaelJ411 says:

    I love those goalie sticks

  11. Anson Gardner says:

    yeah i got one off of him

  12. Grunt Lacrosse says:

    Skaggs im jealous. You met oary of the Kennedys of lacrosse and just to see
    the heritage of the game ia abwjole nother story

  13. Emanuel Green says:

    This is awesome. It’s nice to see some of the roots. I’d be happier with a
    wooden stick with me though

  14. BirtchyTheBro says:

    Saw my club team (Team Wisconsin) helmet in this video. it was black. we
    have a couple of native kids on our team so it’s cool to see gear spread
    from our state to the others. GTG

  15. LaxMonster9901 says:

    Mini Iroquois sticks???

  16. sam barrett says:


  17. Stylin Strings says:

    you said it haha

  18. bambootreeguy says:


  19. joe meyers says:

    does patterson make sticks for customers?

  20. The Lacrosse Network says:

    Everyone check out the @stylin_strings visit to the Wooden stick expo.
    interviews w/ gary gait, thompsons and “the stickmaker”

  21. chad madrid says:

    lax for life

  22. wapstar19 says:


  23. Stylin Strings says:

    come on up next time man. nice ecd md dye by the way

  24. Stylin Strings says:


  25. tkstringslax says:

    Hfvvvv gggg

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