Tim Noakes – UCT Faculty of Health Sciences Centenary Debate

Tim Noakes, director of the UCT/Medical Research Council (MRC) Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine and Discovery Health professor of exerc…
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  1. ra'eesa Kerbelker says:

    Tim Noakes, director of the UCT/Medical Research Council (MRC) Research
    Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine and Discovery Health
    professor of exercise and sports science shares his views during the “The
    Great Centenary Debate” at the University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Health
    Sciences. The debate was a showdown between Noakes and Dr Jacques Rossouw
    on the topic “Cholesterol is not an important factor for heart disease and
    current dietary recommendations do even more harm than good.

  2. Sugar Puddin says:

    Reason: because hyperinsulinemia is the seminal cause of those
    inflammatory conditions that lead to atherosclerosis and heart disease
    (acute coronary syndromes). Furthermore, turning off cholesterol with
    statins has long been shown in peer reviewed empirical studies to increase
    morbidity and morality in patients – partly because turning off cholesterol
    also turns off about 150 other hormones in the body!!!!

  3. muhrezsav says:

    Yes, google “Time Noakes Slideshare”. A link to download the slides should
    be on there.

  4. nitpicker says:

    Professor Noakes said that the slides would be available after the event.
    Can anybody help me out? Thanks in advance!

  5. robert1268 says:

    Love this. Love it love it. But the audio wasn’t so good. And then, watch
    your speakers, because it’s sounds like someone finally plugged in his mic
    around 22:03.

  6. dorothy potgieter says:

    About time to change the human diet. Why did we have to wait for so long to
    hear this.

  7. 1234rghji says:

    this should be taught at schools.

  8. moenyane says:

    Prof…..my hero!!

  9. Gail Ashford says:

    Congratulations on a well summarised concise representation of the research
    on LCHF

  10. Robug44 says:

    This is valuable information. Ideas on diet & nutrition change fortunately.
    From my background in natural therapies I agree with these findings.

  11. Tyron Louw says:

    I agree. Though, whether the guidelines constitute a conspiracy on the part
    of those who issue them is another question, they could just be wrong. In
    terms of compliance with guidelines, I wonder how much the pubic should be
    criticised for following them. It may be unfair to put the blame squarely
    on the americans shoulders, as its not only them who have accepted the
    guidelines. The onus, I propose, is on those qualified to critically engage
    with the issues. Hurrah for Taubes et al.

  12. melanie sakowski says:

    Yeah I totally agree, the people setting the guidelines often have ulterior
    motives, or arguably they just have publishing rights and used them,
    consequently just publishing bad science. This video was awesome, and
    thanks for our little debate/agreement!

  13. Drake Santiago says:

    This was an illuminating lecture by professor Timothy Noakes. More and more
    medical doctors, as well as scientists and academics, who deal in the
    subject of nutrition, are concurring with Dr. Noakes’ assessment that the
    dietary advice we have been given for the past 30 years has not only been
    wrong, but has done more harm than good. Unfortunately, most people are not
    aware of this. The average person still believes that the old low fat/high
    carb diet is best. Old ideas die hard.

  14. Tyron Louw says:

    Loved the part where Prof told Jimmy: “You see, whats happening, its
    censorship!” (28:00) Haha…

  15. Adolfo Neto says:

    Tim Noakes is an excellent researcher and scientist. He is right to doubt
    the current nutrition dogma. UCT should be proud of him.

  16. melanie sakowski says:

    Nutrition Guidelines were introduced, and what happens? “The americans do
    what they’re told to do, because they’re….’compliant’.” We put so much
    trust into so-called “reputable sources” and as a result we no longer think
    for ourselves or questions authority. Time for a rude awakening I’d say.

  17. John Kerr says:

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