Trolling lures Botany Bay

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  1. qve546 says:

    Thanks for the videos…

  2. YoufishingTV says:

    thanks flickinlures. We use gro pros and ram mounts. I’ll check out your

  3. Thomas de Kock says:

    Hi there, If you need another crew member let me know. I’ll be happy to
    join you – contact details – Thomas 0410 900 254

  4. Botany Bay fisher says:

    Nice video, great work what type of boat do you have?

  5. YoufishingTV says:

    Thanks for the offer. It is usually short notice and we got mates waiting
    to join in.

  6. YoufishingTV says:

    Formosa ..seeyas round the bay

  7. flickinlures says:

    Great stuff mate , i have subscribed to your channel we might be able to
    exchange production ideas lol check out my channel i have been playing with
    my samsung phone and also using my little 10mtr waterproof camera for my
    dodgey vids but you have got the perfect angle setup here .I am going to
    set my little BASE camera up on a pole over the next week and see how it
    looks i’ll be taking my son and a few of his mates out this Sunday on the
    Bay might see you out there fellow Raider , cheers Mark

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