Turn Your Raw Food Scraps into Plant Fertilizer with a Compost Tumbler

John from http://www.okraw.com/ shares with you the fastest way to turn your raw fruit and vegetable scraps into the best organic fertilizer using a compost …
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  1. Stella Deli says:

    Scratch that!! I recommend THIS-> ana-white . com /2012 /06 /plans /
    food-storage-shelf (without the spaces) which is healthier, more
    eco-friendly and economical than those shelves, which I assume are wire
    shelves! ;) I am so hyped about building this DIY Food Storage Unit!

  2. Stella Deli says:

    Try IKEA (?) I’ve seen this kind of storage item there.

  3. sherlon taylor says:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:?

  4. Kyle Evans says:

    IKEA.. It’s a set of 6 and set of 4, combined. About $85 total

  5. rolazrei says:

    First, that pile of food should probably only last 2-3 days tops, and with
    almost all calories coming from the banana fats…. almost no greens…
    obviously you can survive on that, but I don’t think that’s optimal. I’m
    sure John would agree. Second, nobody should base their decisions on the
    China Study, it’s bad science and people should get their food education
    elsewhere. That study is so flawed that it’s a joke to cite it. There’s
    plenty of better sources for food education.

  6. MsTheBow says:

    Super awesome video!

  7. fruitfanatic33 says:

    Great video John! I met Kyle at the Fruit Fest, good guy! How lucky he is
    to have you visiting and helping with all your knowledge & work! If you are
    ever in Northeast Pa, we’d love to have you! Peace & health to you, Itsy

  8. jo232409 says:

    The carbons inside of green veggies is minor compared to the carbons inside
    of tree leaves or wood. Fruit is almost entirely nitrogen. As a rule of
    thumb, greens = nitrogen, browns = carbon. You can compost nitrogen only,
    but it will break down WAY slower. Adding a good mix of carbon and nitrogen
    makes a huge difference in the speed in which it breaks down. If you don’t
    believe me, just add paper/wood chips or another carbon source and see what

  9. LordShowMeTheWay777 says:

    Why are your videos sooooooo looooong!?!?

  10. mikertones says:

    i have noticed that leaving whatever you r composting left out in the sun
    to dehydrate dry really superspeeds up the process also for example, i love
    composting leaves i make sure there is no water around i pile them up on
    concrete not soil to prevent dampness in direct hot sunlight,this completly
    dries them out alowing me to crush them down almost to dust then i just
    sweep them up and add a little wood chips makes great mulch then that
    continues to break down when i lay on top of the soil

  11. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens says:

    lengthwise all the way.

  12. MedicineMan Dan says:

    everything is natural

  13. WebserverVideos says:

    well, i bought it, the minerals, starter compost, a bucket…and now i just
    need the pine and more leftovers…thanks man, great vid

  14. Freely Formed says:

    I live here in Houston as well. How do I buy a share at Rawfully Organic
    and how much? Please message me asap.

  15. Aaron Kay says:

    10:02 it’s one of those infomercials “Tired of standard kitchen bags?
    Always tearing, they’re a pain!”

  16. Kyle Evans says:

    Whether or not it is perfect science, it’s inspired many people to get off
    the unhealthy flesh diet and those people have inspired many others through
    writing, making movies etc., saving and improving thousands and thousands
    of lives. I’ve met many of them, myself. By the way,our compost is breaking
    down very nicely. Take Care.

  17. John Sluga says:

    I own that model of composter and it works great. For the money, it has
    been the best composter solution for my gardens.

  18. EarthAngelinKC says:

    John, thank you for this video. Very informative and educational.You’re a
    good teacher. I have tried composting many times with different techniques
    and always a messy experience. This system looks much easier and a
    wonderful investment. Blessings.

  19. rolazrei says:

    Ph.D. Molecular Biochemistry. I’m not saying that the overall concepts in
    what they are doing are wrong, in terms of eating a healthy diet, but
    rather that the China Study is bad science, of which, extensive critical
    reviews exist that show why the study was extremely flawed, and there is a
    reason it’s a book and was not published in a peer-reviewed journal, but
    rather by a third party. rawfoodsos blog did 2 reviews on it as a starting
    point for you, but there’s a lot of science reading.

  20. ghgh3917 says:

    John, Could I throw my depleted wheatgrass beds in the tumbler? I use
    compost and azomite to grow my high quality wheatgrass for juice. I
    generate about 10 per month.Please advise.

  21. geoarcai says:

    looks like an elfa system from the container store…

  22. Aaron Kay says:

    Kyle’s story is so similar to mine, being a runner I just couldn’t eat meat
    before a run it was too heavy and didn’t make me feel good in general so i
    cut back more and more then when it came time to improve upon that I found
    Michael Arnstein and that is all she wrote.

  23. Karen Faivre says:

    Great video on composting. I have two of the box composters and they are
    challenging to turn; I just end up piling the stuff in and hope for the
    best. I figure it’s better to do that then put it out on trash day. I just
    hope the bears don’t come around this summer… I’d love to have a tumbler
    but I find the assembly quite daunting. If it took both of you guys several
    hours, it’s going to take me all day, plus blood, sweat & tears! John, how
    does Alaska in the summer sound? ;-)

  24. Ed Howes says:

    If earthworm ranching seems a hassle, know they are mankind’s best friends
    and will enrich both compost and soil to produce decidedly superior plants.
    Don’t bother with them unless you only want the very best.

  25. Jean-Claude Lessard says:

    Sorry John but i think the fruits stole the show :)

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