Update on the waste oil heater

Based on Ozzirt’s design, I finally got it to where I could fire it up and test it out. I’m pretty sure it’s choked for air. When I have it burning less oil …


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  1. Gordon Ward says:

    I sent you an email, pls respond if possible.

  2. Jon Moore says:

    Yea I noticed the valve got real sloppy after it got hot so either shield a
    valve of this type from the heat or use a different valve. I like the 1/4
    turn because I’ll be able to put a high-low indicator thing instead of
    counting turns.

  3. dieselwarriordotcom says:

    Almost looks like, maybe theres water in the oil??

  4. ozzirt says:

    I would change your line to steel or copper, it’s just not worth the risk.
    So long as your oil is well filtered, you will have no problems. I run my
    oil over 30 metres to the house (100 ft) with about 5 feet of fall. I use
    3/4″black polythene tube outside. This is cheaply available from gardening
    centres. anf everything inside the house is 1/2″ hard drawn copper right up
    to the metering valve, after which it is 1/4″ soft copper. The oil is warm
    at this point and 1/4″ is large enough.

  5. Fireman Jim says:

    Looks like you need three holes in the top of the frypan. it looks like
    it’s starving for air, Or a seagull has made her nest on your chimney.

  6. Fireman Jim says:

    Looks like you need to drill more 1/2″ holes in the top of your pan lid.
    It’s starving for air.

  7. ozzirt says:

    Let me know how it goes once you have enlarged the 2 upper rows of holes.

  8. ozzirt says:

    Fuel control is absolutely vital, if the valve fails you could have a
    really dangerous situation with boiling (burning) oil flowing onto the
    floor. It stinks like nothing you’ve ever smelt before, not to mention the
    mess and the fire danger. Once you have the oil feed sorted out, drill out
    all the holes in the top two rows to 3/8″ (10mm) and give the heater
    another test run. Whatever you do, do NOT touch the lower holes.

  9. Jon Moore says:

    I do have the flue going up another 6 feet or so outside, so that should be
    giving it enough draft. I can always add some on too. The very top of that
    MEN heater didn’t get very hot so it wasn’t making me too nervous but on
    your heater it gets quite hot – enough to make me nervous so I need to
    change that out or shield it from the heat. I do like the clear line
    because it makes trouble-shooting a lot easier.

  10. Fireman Jim says:

    You need more air drill about 4 3/8th of an inch holes on the top of the of
    the frypan cover.

  11. Fireman Jim says:

    Check my video of to show you what I mean. Page two.

  12. ThePJpatch says:

    i can create, the same problem like you have, check my videos, to solve it
    you will need to make that less air is coming in y’r stove, hope this helps

  13. ozzirt says:

    Thanks for the video, it’s looking good, although there are a number of
    small possible problems here from what I see. I will only concentrate on
    one problem at a time, they are all minor and should not require a lot of
    effort. We’ll do one thing at a time to avoid false conclusions. My first
    advice is to make sure that your metering valve is still working properly,
    it appears to be a ball valve, and these often have nylon or PTFE seats
    which will melt if they get too hot.

  14. Jon Moore says:

    Oh that’s good to know cause on that first test video of yours it looked
    like the bottom holes were pretty decent sized so I was thinking about
    drilling those out bigger. I realize I need to put a valve at the top of
    the tank in case the one by the burner fails. Last thing I need is a big ol
    oil fire!

  15. ozzirt says:

    I have just been looking through your videos of the Mother Earth heater.
    The fuel valve that you are using there is the ideal type, but one thing
    that I didn’t notice earlier was the plastic fuel line. I feel that this
    must be replaced with metal, it’s a real hazard as close as it is to the
    heater. Last but not least, is the flue that you are using on your ME
    heater appears too short fot my heater, as the fuel air mixing relies on
    having a really good draft. You need 8 -10 feet minimum.

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