US Girl forced to eat own waste

Another tragic story out of the US today as a 15-year old girl was found locked in a basement for 15 years. She had wounds across here face and body and was …


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  1. zagorakis88 says:

    These fatties need torture!

  2. jesus andrade says:

    not right just isn’t right

  3. AngryKitty says:

    yup theyre probably free, and shes back home enjoying the good old days

  4. ianvowles2305 says:


  5. abviolin2 says:

    No wonder she didn’t get any food; these fat cunts ate it all!

  6. Dominik Offermann says:

    What sadistic and incompassionate people. They should be locked away for
    live and be subject to the same torture they made the girl go through.

  7. Jon Bristow says:

    NOT BEEN CHARGED??!!! What else do they need??? Looks like Mama hasn’t
    missed a meal…

  8. Nut Shell says:

    Two girls one cup made me sick!

  9. astarothmountainlion says:

    thats really sick,,,,they should get the same treatment like they did to
    her…why would somone do that to thier own daughter???

  10. Yggdrasill4 says:

    Another few points off my faith in humanity

  11. ThePacmanClassic says:

    What a worthless sack of shit the mother is. The stupid boyfriend of hers
    saying “Oh, I didn’t know she had that child”.

  12. usmcffl4life says:

    Burn them alive. White trash

  13. Squash Bosh says:


  14. mall176 says:


  15. selseycat says:

    Let me guess, the court released the parents on probation & sent the girl
    back to live with her parents and she is back in the basement AND I think
    this way because that is how the system works! The laws need to be
    strict!!! the parents should have been sent straight to prison.

  16. Amanda Miku says:

    Mean people why do that .

  17. Nokeanola says:

    Y? How could you..i hope they get locked up for life..

  18. Brooker Chapelle says:

    Modern hitlers

  19. Katie Gill says:

    Mother fucking bitches

  20. richardfry111 says:

    Someone should kill dem cunts

  21. SlumberCloud says:

    Finding food in the laundry? So basically she ate food that was spilled on
    other peoples clothes, or stuffed in pockets? Like eating bits of food off
    a dirty bid?

  22. Soroush Ansari says:

    Some parents are bitches

  23. SlumberCloud says:

    ugh, look at these fat nasty people..this is very sad..

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