This is by far my rarest unexpected find yet. I have to conclude that this truck has an awesome sound to it! Even better in person. ENJOY!


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  1. chargindave70 says:

    Chandler? is serviced by WM

  2. chargindave70 says:

    Loaders are used for a variety of reasons.
    1) the piles are dangerous, broken glass, green waste full of spikes and thorns, etc.
    2) the piles are huge, by hand, could take up to 2 hours
    therefore its faster, though not every pile is faster, but overall it is. On a 3 man crew with 2 trucks and a tractor, we’ve picked up 40 tons of trash in a 10 hour day. Besides, piles cant be in the? street anyways, in most cities

  3. brad202684 says:

    The way this loader is used is a total waste of time and money! He’s basicly, if? the pile was put out at the curb, he could just throw the junk into the truck, eliminating the need for the loader. Take a look at Kennystrucks’s page and look for the Neighborhood Cleanup videos. That is a more practical way of utilizing a loader.

  4. Trashman242 says:

    Awesome find!!! Sounds just like the ESD ones, probably made around the same time. You’ll LOVE the massive vids I got last time I filmed? SD’s greens then! Too bad you didn’t get any more though…5/5 + playlisted as a rare find!

  5. rubbishdude98 says:

    do you have any more? videos of like that?

  6. bitterman112 says:

    Great Video! Haven’t seen a pak-Mor in 6 yrs since I left? NY! In my area in FL, the WM RLs on trash route take everything, but in some areas away from me, they use grapple service.

  7. MitchellM15 says:

    Great catch! One of? the nicest looking rear loaders I’ve seen in terms of paint scheme – love how the white and black is divided diagonally across the body =] Great driving shot at the end, fingers crossed there’s a chance you’ll find this one again! Sounds exactly like the SD Pak-Mors, one cool sound that is.

  8. bdmcneilusmsl says:

    Sounds just like Trashman242’s? rl’s! Nice catch! I like the new screen!

  9. Northern Virginia Refuse Refuse says:

    haha thanks?

  10. internationalRLfan says:

    Nice! They should use a LEACH? RL

  11. rws676 says:

    i personally? think a pak-mor hopper is way to small for balk

  12. r6man2 says:

    Really? cool how they do that

  13. Sanitation Ninefour says:

    Awesome. Sounds just like? San Diego’s RLs.

  14. Northern Virginia Refuse Refuse says:

    your? welcome. why isnt your chanel working

  15. Northern Virginia Refuse Refuse says:

    awsome? suprise

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