Useless Science Professor!!

At AUM’s “Professor’s in Pajamas” night, college professors stayed up late in the cafe to help students study in preparation for finals. While I mostly showe…
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  1. Jejune Nightshade says:

    Hows about just carving a smile in? their faces?

  2. identitycrises says:

    you luff my simplicity.? you think its genius. you think im cool beans.

  3. thejoker3674 says:

    OH! carbon dioxide with? a hint of chloroform so the subject get groggy and is not able to escape the gasses.

  4. bluefurr says:

    Awesome just awesome.
    I? guess you are the master of science if a master of science can not help you.

  5. PurpleHeart518 says:

    @rhalas Oh I just remembered where I’ve heard? that before! You wouldn’t happen to be Willy Wonka by any chance?

  6. PurpleHeart518 says:

    @rhalas? what recipe is that!? Ha ha!

  7. TheJokezOnYou says:

    Curse you? and your simplicity! D:<

  8. identitycrises says:

    just lace laughing gas with cyanide.? ..duh.

  9. Genkikaio says:

    LOL “Some one Kill? him.. hehaha” I love this Guys Joker

  10. PurpleHeart518 says:

    Well… I’ll keep it in mind to never say,? “I don’t know,” to you.

  11. TheJokezOnYou says:

    Water and acid? It’s always half and half with you!! D=< Besides, that mixture won't cause death-grins! ?

  12. eatingfood1 says:

    try watered down acid.?

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