W. G. Jones State Forest uses Fire as a Management Tool

If you want to experience an urban wilderness, visit W. G. Jones State Forest in Conroe, Texas. This video is one in a series about the forest. Today’s video…
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  1. MoviesMusicNature says:

    Great information here Ken. Look forward to your next video in the series.

  2. Menora James says:

    Very interesting topic for discussion Ken..This really clarifies the doubts
    we all have about forest fires..There is also some important info you
    mention about the woodpeckers.. Thanks a lot for your effort and
    sharing..it is such a nicely done and clear video..

  3. LetArtsLive says:

    @KennethKramm i wish i was there

  4. KennethKramm says:

    @59cavallo Glad you liked it.

  5. KennethKramm says:

    @Chikawaconroe Thanks for watching. Ken

  6. KennethKramm says:

    @MoviesMusicNature I appreciate your feedback. Jones State Forest is a
    wonderful place! And I live next door.

  7. steveavery77 says:

    Interesting video Ken

  8. KennethKramm says:

    @lmmsl Your comments are much appreciated. My goal in making videos is
    educational so that people better appreciate nature and the impact of human

  9. KennethKramm says:

    @rammalammadingdong1 Your feedback is much appreciated.

  10. KennethKramm says:

    @musikpsyche Much appreciated!

  11. KennethKramm says:

    @steveavery77 Thanks for your feedback.

  12. KennethKramm says:

    @Jemalacane I don’t understand your question. Prescribed burns don’t starve
    predators. The reduce understory vegetation, increasing the diversity of
    species in the forest.

  13. LetArtsLive says:

    good video i didnt know they used fires to do this thanks i always enjoy
    your videos

  14. Bernd Müller says:

    very nice video

  15. Carlo Cavallo says:

    Fantastic and interesting video

  16. lappenstar07 says:

    Very informative,thanks for uploading Ken,have a great Weekend!!

  17. KennethKramm says:

    @lappenstar07 Much appreciated. Have a great weekend too!

  18. KennethKramm says:

    @fischer3x3 I’m glad you like it.

  19. Chikawaconroe says:

    Great explanation. Thanks.

  20. musikpsyche says:

    very interestic…thanks greetings from germany

  21. KennethKramm says:

    @LetArtsLive Glad that you liked the video. Ken

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