Warming Arctic, Changing Planet

Website: http://earth.columbia.edu On November 12, 2012 The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Earth Institute, Columbia University and Quebec Government Offi…


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  1. RoastFesh says:

    absolutely excellent.thank you.

  2. apeek7 says:

    Wait… I thought the dirty industrial complex and the religious zealots
    had a deal going where dirty energy would support the discrediting of
    science (so they could deny global warming) and the zealots could claim
    evolution was not valid (which would require really all of science be
    called into question). Why is it that most people who are angry with dirty
    energy are atheists? Why are the bought politicians usually very religious?

  3. Josh Russell says:

    Get to the point.

  4. jackie castle says:

    o my. that another has found rev 11:18 is a happy surprise. we must get
    angry. he doesn’t say who destroy’s the destoyers just that they will be
    detstroyed and the nation’s must get angry. that destroyer is all of us who
    allow the dirty energy complex to survive and profit off the extinction of
    the planet. so get fired up, lets demand of our politicians the change that
    end our destruction. j

  5. apeek7 says:

    “God can not lie. Titus 1:2,3” Not true… 1 Kings 22:23, Now, therefore,
    behold, the Lord hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of these thy
    prophets, and the Lord hath spoken evil concerning thee… Ezekiel 14:9,
    And if a prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I the Lord have
    deceived that prophet.

  6. jackie castle says:

    last thought i blame the liars in religion on why we have athiest. they
    don’t see God in them so are given excuse for their disbelief. your
    previous post explains it’s by God’s hand. why? we must come to the end of
    our own rope before we will believe Him. for this i try to have patience.
    but in honesty my fear is we will make the planet inhabitable before we
    wake up. as i mentioned science and God are not in contention. just those
    decieved are. j

  7. jackie castle says:

    do you not believe in miracles? ,uch of what you have just posted, talking
    donkeys and such is a nit picking agenda that allows us to deny the
    importance and wisdom that arrives with’n with belief. i’m sorry for you if
    you’ve lost the purpose of a text that proclaims our current troubles
    thousands of years ago. i do not argue for anything but the wisdom we loose
    in the discrediting of a wisdom our elders once knew. the writers, not the
    religion’s that take advantage of the writ j

  8. Fakavae Taomia says:

    it is a good thing that apeek7 has read the bible…wow…

  9. apeek7 says:

    Do you mean the end of the world Oct. 21, 2011???

  10. Edward Hamm says:

    When the ignorant are afraid they move to superstition in the ancient texts
    to salve their souls…shame on them

  11. jackie castle says:

    honestly it’s a reality as a woman of faith i hate to see. religion and
    faith are two diffrent things. i believe politicians (some) use religion to
    further their careers. the silent media on how they are bought is a sad
    reality too. the Christian religion does not focus on hosea 2:18 which is
    His covenant with us and creation. ensuring we care for the gift of life.
    and so hold unto life. how far will the destruction go before we teach this
    wisdom? i don’t know. j

  12. Fairfax Climate Watch says:

    great video, thanks

  13. jackie castle says:

    he has read it to discredit it, rather then search the words for wisdom.
    the point of history. to evolve and grow in wisdom. i’m sad for him that
    his disbelief can create such as yourself, one who thinks it is a wise man
    he thinks is good. seeking wisdom in all of mans history is the good thing,
    not discrediting those whom he will never know or understand. with the
    troubles this world faces one might put themselves to a better use. j

  14. jackie castle says:

    what i do know is one truth about religion= many will think they are
    invited to His dinner that will not be allowed to join Him. judgement
    begins at the pulpit, so i blame the lack of knowledge of the bible and
    it’s truth on those who teach it. politicians just take advantage of that,
    so does the dirty energy complex. i’d give anything to bring to light what
    i know to be true. the guilty have denied me that purpose. i keep trying.
    on this issue science and God are not in contenion j

  15. jackie castle says:

    the prophetic nature of the bible is its strength. contradictions arise
    because the value of more then one thing being true at the same time isn’t
    understood. the fight with science to keep control of the people
    histroricly is another failure of leadership in the past and present. i
    doubt many changes until the present as the dead sea scrolls prove an
    accuracy that is rare. but current bibles have distorted the original text.
    as i have spoken the wisdom and the prophecy is it’s strength j

  16. apeek7 says:

    Prophecy? Wisdom? Let me see: Luke 21 – “Nation shall rise against nation,
    and kingdom against kingdom” “And great earthquakes shall be in divers
    places” “and great signs shall there be from heaven” How about “and the Dow
    will break 15,000 on 25 June, 2013” And have it COME TRUE. Now that is a
    prophecy… I will take any wisdom the Bible has to offer – but not any
    inerrancy – because the Bible is filled with errors… Those errors
    invalidate and claim of divine authorship – PERIOD…

  17. John David Broyles says:

    Wake up or sleep with fish.

  18. apeek7 says:

    “i blame the liars in religion on why we have atheist” You underestimate
    the contradictions, errors and absurdities in the Bible. Most ex-Christians
    would not credit the liars in religion for their deconversion – but would
    point to a severely flawed document – the Bible. It is hard to take serious
    a book with talking donkeys (Numbers 22:28), swimming ax heads (2 Kings
    6:6), Scientific errors (Leviticus 11:20, Leviticus 11:6, etc. – too many
    to list), contradictions, additions, changes, etc,

  19. Gabriel Spilkin says:

    It won’t gain more substance, but it will gain more scare… especially
    with people like you and your “prophetic” made-up visions. Also,
    earth-quakes, tornadoes, floods and tsunamis are working as they always
    have. No more, no less. Check your facts. FACTS.

  20. jackie castle says:

    as we know both earth quakes and exstream weather is up by 400% or so. a
    tornado season that had no end this past year. so this prophecy is as now
    coming to past. as climate change becomes undoubtable and substance more
    scare we will see nation rise against nation. darfur just one example of
    how this is even now true, as they fight for water and power. i will not
    argue the divine, this is not my purpose or job. it is God’s domain to
    prove Himself. i will say that prophecy is Divine. gifted. j

  21. Steve Good says:

    the Bible predicted in Revelation 11:18 God will bring to ruin those
    ruining the earth. He will return the earth to it’s original Paradise. God
    can not lie. Titus 1:2,3

  22. apeek7 says:

    How can I discredit a holy book whose writing was directed by the greatest
    intellect in the universe??? Wisdom? Confucius has wisdom – but doesn’t
    proclaim himself God… How about the SUBJECTIVE wisdom of the Bible – the
    Golden rule: Leviticus 19:18 “…but thou shalt love thy neighbor as
    thyself: I am the LORD.” In which God hopes the reader isn’t a
    sadomasochist. God can’t even give an astounding objective moral teaching –
    he gives up and says – you figure it out do as you think best.

  23. phantomscolts1 says:

    more BS

  24. jackie castle says:

    REV 11:18 and the nations where angry the time of the dead has come, He
    will give reward on to His servants that saints. and the destroyers of the
    world will be destroyed. paraphrazing but the whole jist is there. we the
    nations must get angry at the #dirtyenergy complex that explodes in
    profits, buys our politicians and destroys our only home. Earth. all in
    faith if in truth will get angry, and demand the change to clean energy. j

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