Waste Gash Tunage

Music – Might be (dexplicit dubz feat gemma foxx) Lyrics – LeeLee These girls on the street wanna drop to their knees like WASTE GASH WASTE GASH I say suck m…
Video Rating: 3 / 5


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  1. X666emoprincess666X says:

    funny vid you really look like blokes xxx

  2. MonsterKlark says:

    This Is Fuckin Wasted

  3. LeeBobMovies says:

    Oh thanks…. :( Hehe we have the best makeup department IN TEH WERLD

  4. james veale says:

    I watched nearly half of this! Apart from these girls being complete
    idiots, the tune in the background gets 10 out of 10 for annoyance! Eurgh!

  5. Leanne Waldron says:

    Rofl, definately missing the point! Just messing around having fun CLEARLY!
    but still, hole in the shirt at the end is def my fave part!!

  6. Mcreefer61 says:

    Nob Eds

  7. destighe says:

    british people make me laugh.

  8. callumwainwright says:

    o dear the biggest dicks in the word

  9. Rob Wright says:

    funny guys lol

  10. dareman13 says:

    this is not funny and you cant rap … NOT FUNNY…. FUKIN SHIT … YOU

  11. KrypticGaMing360 says:

    banging bruv make more init, digging your paper spliff you wasteman get
    some real shit bruv

  12. LeeBobMovies says:

    yo rere i know you love this vid cah ya always ask me to play it to ya lol
    nuff luv c u soon x1x we gotta mek a vid tgetha lol im puttin our 1 up soon
    looooooool xxxx1xxxx

  13. madmanninc says:

    @destighe Hey bitch don’t judge all brits on this shit!

  14. bunweedudunkno says:

    i fink their the only f***kin wace cadets around atm. DEEERRK EADS

  15. natty0 says:

    pmsl, jokers all of ya

  16. AreoDumplin says:

    I Agree Wid Callumwainwright (But Yuu Spelt World Wrong) ;) Lol

  17. DuttyDoogz says:

    Waste Gash indeed, also thats tuneage bouwm bouwm bouwm bouwm

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