What Is Your Faith In? MIT Cullen Buie Professor Reflects on God, Science, and Self at Tufts

http://www.veritas.org/talks – A discussion on how our worldview influences our pursuit of truth, whether as an inspiration, a challenge, or an impediment. F…
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  1. onlyonechoice says:

    Jesus didn’t write any books? He wrote the Bible! He is the Word incarnate.
    Ugh. This guy is nice but uninformed.

  2. onlyonechoice says:

    It is a shame to see an intelligent man, go from make a pretty good
    testimony to expounding on why the Bible is not true comparing it to a
    song, I am so sexy, in order to show that the text is allegorical.

  3. onlyonechoice says:

    The Judeo-Christian faith has been discussed and searched and tested
    through reason, using the facility of the mind, We are not just starting to
    do it. The Christian faith brought the scientific revolution, the
    Reformation had to come before. The Christian faith has produced some of
    the greatest philosophers and scientists of history.

  4. onlyonechoice says:

    Jesus’ ministry began when he was thirty, not twenty.

  5. BecomingMike says:

    This dude is so down to earth. Love it!

  6. Michael De Robertis says:

    I’ve watched a large number of this type of video and I found Dr. Buie’s
    remarks very helpful; in his definition of faith and in his views on the
    reconciliation of faith and science. Thanks.

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