World of Warcraft Plants vs Zombies quest chain part 1 basic botany

hiya guys and gals the first in a 5 part series on this quest chain.


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  1. Jezuzss says:

    i like your interface it looks like mine when i used to play,… addonfree

  2. Worgen Flank says:

    i stil dont understand how to collect the solar power D:

  3. CybergamerT630 says:

    Hillsbrad Foothills is south of Lordaeron which is east of Silverpine

  4. Stunt Man says:

    first dislike

  5. merlin962 says:

    Haha, smooth move with the solar energy/

  6. NekoTadase401 says:

    @ariktropilos Eastern kingdoms, near western plaguelands i think

  7. flameboy98745 says:

    wasint this removed from the game in MoP cuz i think it was to make way for
    the dalaran crater

  8. Fredrik Bermhed says:

    How do i pic them up?

  9. Gio Carlo Ciudadano says:

    i play pvz but not wow ^_^

  10. filekiller1 says:

    i dont play this game can i play offline or only online if i can play
    offline gimme the link plz o and i am talkin about world of warcraft

  11. zombiekiller320 says:

    can u still do this

  12. filekiller1 says:

    send in a massge plz

  13. dioymjugtnhfbrde says:

    wtf? this is in hillsbrad foothill

  14. anizehu Soto says:

    plants vs zombies…

  15. ariktropilos says:

    where is this? i cant find hillsbrad

  16. NekoTadase401 says:

    @Marine109Unit Right click the solar power

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