Zoology in Cambridge and Charles Darwin

In front of the whale skeleton by the Zoology Museum; the role of museums and science in Cambridge University All revenues to World Oral Literature Project.
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  1. theugly87 says:

    It was actually Darwins father that thought about the evolution theory
    first not Darwin but hes deffinetly the most important scientist of the
    18th century!!!!

  2. Gabriel Andrade says:

    I was emotionally moved when I contemplated Darwin’s tomb in Westminster
    Abbey. Marx, Freud, Aristotle, to name a few, they may all be of historical
    interest, but their ideas are obsolete for the most part. Darwin remains.
    You can explain some sociology with Marx, some psychology with Freud, but
    certainly not all of sociology or all of psychology. That is not the case
    with Darwin, as the famous phrase goes, “nothing makes sense in biology
    without evolution theory”

  3. therise00A says:

    wow, such a wonderful huge whale skeleton hope i can see that thing..

  4. Ahmet Abbaso?lu says:

    Nicely said, lauragabriel.

  5. ayabaya says:

    Nice comment. Thanks, Alan

  6. Picnicl says:

    As you may know, Pink Floyd came from Cambridge (Oxford has a kind of
    latter day equivalent in Radiohead). Syd Barrett did, indeed, suffer from
    mental problems. He didn’t study at Cambridge University but, when I hear
    that band’s music and its concentration on astronomy juxtaposed with
    earthly matters, such as the mental condition, I feel that the centuries of
    scientific work at Cambridge that were in the air were picked up by that

  7. blijytoo says:

    cambridge has more intellectuals with mental health problems then any where
    else in the country reason being according to a top psychiatrist is that
    most university students find the outlook of there studies so intense as to
    believe that knowledge is the all and end all which is very sad because
    Jesus is the way to happiness not intellectual manipulation of ones ego
    because at the end of the day who’s boss some don in university that’s a
    manic depressive or god

  8. SammbleBammble says:

    omg tht whale bones thing is awsome :D My nana used to take to the zoology
    loads when i was little :D x

  9. Mogley52 says:

    RANDOM GENETIC MUTATIONS caused by the mindless environment are
    destructive. Even if mutations are not immediately harmful, after enough of
    them accumulate they will be harmful. And, even if a good mutation does
    occur, for every good mutation there will be hundreds of harmful ones with
    the net effect, over time, being harmful to the species as a whole and even
    causing extinction, not upward evolution. Most biological variations are
    from new combinations of already existing genes, not mutations.

  10. Mogley52 says:

    WHAT IS SCIENCE? Science simply is knowledge based on observation. No one
    observed the universe coming by chance or by design, by creation or by
    evolution. These are positions of faith. The issue is which faith the
    scientific evidence best supports. Natural laws can explain how an airplane
    or living cell works, but it’s irrational to believe that an airplane or
    cell originated by undirected natural laws. Read my Internet article: HOW

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