Zoology | K3K4 Teamtage

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  1. Max O'Donnell says:

    Nice Montage :D Is your clan on psn? if so can i plz join. BTW i have been
    in 2 sniper clans before :D

  2. kaaaStar101 says:

    Hey Josh ive subbed now :)

  3. kaaaStar101 says:

    Sick ! ;)

  4. TheEL3PH4NT says:

    that was shit…okay now i’ve got your attention, that was awesome!!

  5. Joshua Murray says:

    SUB guys, we’ve got great content coming your way :)

  6. TheDJGameplays says:


  7. Max O'Donnell says:

    BTW my psn: FuZZy-FRaGz

  8. IamNinjaMaterial says:

    nice! love the deagle feed

  9. VeteranGunnerz16 says:

    This is the best montage by far :)

  10. IamNinjaMaterial says:

    guys i can help you edit ur cinematics

  11. K3K4giraff3 says:


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