Zoology Mini-Album

Zoology Mini-Album.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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  1. Mary Matthys says:

    @roxyscraps Thanks! Yes, I used Laura’s pattern. She gave me permission to
    put it on You Tube and I put her blog on the beginning of my video. I love,
    love, love her patterns. She’s a genius!!

  2. bleigh8793 says:

    This is really CUTE!! Love your album, and how all the animals hang onto
    the pockets!! Looks like this was a fun one to make! TFS! ~tina

  3. Mary Matthys says:

    Thanks! It was really fun to make! Now I need to go to a zoo and take
    pictures!! I fell in love with it before making it, even though I don’t
    have pictures for it. The Minnesota Zoo is only a few hours away – hee

  4. roxyscraps says:

    Very cute. Looks very similar to Laura Denison’s zoo album. Did you use her

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