http://www.hotforwords.com to request words Zoology… how do you pronounce it?


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  1. robert rison says:

    Favorite? animal cheetah

  2. pystali says:

    I love Zoology ! And now I wont sound stupid when ! talk about zooology! AWSOME VIDEO! Cant wait? to see the other 450!

  3. slvd1987 says:

    u make learning? fun

  4. Greeboist says:

    She’s right, you’re wrong (in? all respects).

  5. Mikey Merritt says:

    DAMN YOU! I was actually trying to study zoology in order to refrain? from putting my hand on my lower extremities! Funny how temptation never ceases to catch up to you!

  6. djcsr says:

    At 0:37 I would swear she said: “Zoology is the study of enemas…”?

  7. MegaJudaism says:

    Your body is beauty, but your face is? ugly.
    Sorry for saying that.

  8. Nate M says:

    I need private tutoring….how much??

  9. Matchfyre says:

    I’m sorry.? I couldn’t concentrate for some reason, what did you say?

  10. DontPublicMe says:

    Well, my dear devoochka ..

    … if you want to advise? people to pronounce words correctly, you should work on the correct pronunciations of the many other words you’re mispronouncing.

    Sure I would subscribe—if I felt your channel is likely to teach me something.

  11. 1coffeecup says:

    That dog got to put his paw down her shirt……bbbbad? doggie!!!

  12. jmc6401 says:


  13. mythmanjay says:

    If people were actually watching this ‘ta learn somethin`,’ I’d suggest that you change the title to “How to Pronounce ‘Zoology’ CORRECTLY.” If that’s what you wanted them to learn, that’s what you will change the title to; if you don’t,? then “we all KNOW what you’re wantin` people ta watch-fer.”

  14. md alam says:


  15. Skilbeard says:

    I disagree. We can pronounce anything we want anyway that is accepted by? the masses. For example, ph has a “f” pronounciation. The word Zoology is pronounced zooology. The 3rd o is not included because there is no practice in languages as we know them to include 3 successive letters.

  16. Derek Pratt says:

    Chupacabra. I saw a video that looked like some? jackass shaved his dog and called it a chupacabra. People are fucked up sometimes. LOL!

  17. Zachary Jordan says:

    at the beginning it said “this may be innapropriate for children under 13” but it was for the commercial? before the vid lol

  18. Clark Singleton says:

    Unless it’s a? farm.

  19. mobiledev says:

    @hotforwords See this, please! “watch?v=EGLPADW_kUw”, then this “watch?v=8vj0qKthCgg”, and this “watch?v=_K2I5P36-Z8”, and? this “watch?v=5HbtoX3Q5OI”. then your live will change for better.

  20. hydrolito says:

    Zo? we need a Russian to teach how to speak english? LOL

  21. DRAggIN123 says:

    The duck? billed plattapuss

  22. mastermuppet71 says:

    I’m typing this with my load!?

  23. SylV says:

    I? like studying, pussy.

  24. dfree2008 says:

    I don’t like that any animal is caged in a zoo. We have enough video and data on every animal on the planet? that we don’t need to pack them into man-made cages for “show”. And, yes, Zoology is a great study, but you won’t find ANY bible thumpers that paid any attention to the subject as, for them, gawd’s law, is what it is all about rather than the genetics/evolution of the subjects involved; including animal/human husbandry.

  25. Scott Woody says:

    hey, can you do? a video on the word pronounce? I just learned that it wasn’t a word. I should be saying anunciate. (probably spelled wrong)

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